Privacy Policy


Data is Yours

Sleep is a personal topic, and your data belongs entirely to you. Legally you own it, it doesn't belong to Rise or your employer. This means you can ask for data or request that we delete it at any time. We’ll confirm through the app within 24 hours.


How do we Access and Use Your Data?

We believe in collecting the minimum amount of data necessary to provide a meaningful experience to improve your sleep habits. This includes interactions through the app that help to build your sleep profile, as well as sleep data recorded directly from the sensor.

There are 2 reasons our team accesses your data:

Personalized Sleep Coaching

We believe that to have meaningful improvements to your life through sleep, it is important to augment automated recommendations with expert human advice. Our coaches explore data to investigate anomalous instances based on previous sleep patterns, and aren’t “reading” data as such. That said, we understand sensitivity towards privacy and will allow users to opt-out of any personalized human intervention while still reaping the benefits of the program.

Accuracy Calibration

Our under-mattress sleep sensor is the most seamless way of measuring sleep data. The tradeoff is that the sensor must be calibrated to properly account for the specifics of your sleep setup. Factors like mattress thickness, sleep position, or the presence of a partner (or pet) in bed all affect measurements. While most of the calibration is automated, some cases are flagged for our to investigate and ensure optimal accuracy. 


Can Your Manager, Team or Boss See Your Data?

You own your data which means you have full control. Rise works better when everyone shares their sleep debt with their team. It doesn't include any specifics like when you went to bed, woke up. You can turn this off in settings at any time.


Retention Policy

We currently store and backup all data to provide reliability in case of system failure. All backup files are encrypted, and we retain them for 60 days. If at any moment you wish to delete all your data, just let us know. After deletion, data will be fully removed from all backup copies after 60 days. 

We do not, and will never share any of your data with any third parties.


Is the sensor recording 24/7?

The sensor only records data when it senses someone is in bed. It’s sensitive enough that your cat might trigger it.  Normally, it’s in a waiting mode. You can always tell whether the sensor is active by looking at the lights. Solid green means actively recording.