Terms and Conditions

This Data Policy (the “Policy”), including the Terms and Conditions below, constitutes how RiseScience Inc. (the “Company”) proposes to provide (the “Team”) Sleep Coaching Services (the Services”).



Player Consent:

It is important that the Company only works with the players who would like their sleep and readiness securely monitored and analyzed. The Company requires electronic player consent before logging into the app. Player consent is electronically documented when the player accepts the data policy in app. Players have the right to decline participation without repercussion by the Team by not requesting a download link from the Company or by not accepting the Data policy before logging into the app. This policy can be viewed in app.


Player Data Sharing:

Once opted in, players can elect to share different levels of information related to their sleep and recovery with the Team. Players can update these settings any time throughout the program.


Player Privacy:

The Company will make any results in connection with the services available to the player and will not divulge player data to the Team except aggregate data (the “Aggregate Data”).

Aggregate Data is defined as statistical information derived from the Services that does not include any individual item of data that represents a person, whether identified, identifiable or anonymous, and from which no information about an identifiable or anonymous person can be obtained in any manner.

The Team must agree that any Aggregate Data will not be used in any fashion in any disciplinary proceedings.


NFLPA Compliance:

The Company shall take all steps necessary to comply with legal and/or collective bargaining requirements that the Team or its players are currently or may become subject to. The Company shall assist the Team and/or its players in timely providing information or otherwise satisfying reasonable collective bargaining and legal requirements with respect to the Services as necessary.

The Company has secured past approval from the NFLPA and NFL for use during off-season and in-season.



The Company and the Customer acknowledge the likely disclosure to each other, during the term of this Agreement, of confidential information, as defined as any and all information regarding each party’s affairs or business or method of carrying out business, and any other materials or information created or developed by either party in connection with the Agreement or otherwise (“Confidential Information”). Both parties agree not to use such Confidential Information other than in furtherance of the Agreement, nor to disclose such information to any person or entity without the prior written consent of the other party. All Confidential Information shall remain the exclusive property of the disclosing party, except as laid out in the Data Ownership section of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.


Data Ownership:

Players maintain full ownership of their individual data. The Company is permitted to use the data (the “Data”) in connection with this Agreement, to provide the Services to the player and improve the Services for the player.The Team owns and maintains access to all Aggregate Data during the life of the agreement. The Company is not permitted to share player Data or Aggregate Data with any third party.



Please contact Jeff Kahn with any legal or compliance questions. He can be reached at jeff@risescience.comor by phone at 714-914-7849.